Fakeland Islands - 1985

Fakeland Islands
Fakeland Islands
Tinta china sobre papel 50 x 70 cm - Juan-Pablo Castel - 1985


The "Islas Malvinas are english" and las "Fawkland Islands son argentinas". You are greated at the Ezeisa airport in Buenos-Aires by a cartel reminding tourists that the islands are argentinian.
For Castel it's the whole country that is fake since the first Spaniard layed foot in la Plata. Castel seemed to suffer and not be at ease, the place seems too small for his activities. There is no recollection of his work after this piece and before his latest drawings "The Ballroom" of 94". Castel seemed to have been muted by the military regime. His most controversial piece "la Huevera" still haunts the memories of all the argentinians who have been inmersed in the country most tragic years. Castel being optmistic jokes allways saying that the worst is yet to come.

The ironical Fakeland map takes him back to his first affection for maps and battles. Little soldiers, their short lifes and their heroic deaths.