Escena de la muerte del general Mc. Pherson - Lapiz verde sobre fragmentos de papel de calquar
From G. Barnard, The Scene of General Mc. Pherson's Death - Green wax crayon on tracing paper

Art Scene

Not long before the Paraguyan war, in the American war of independance, George Barnard took the picture of the scene of General Mc. Pherson's death.
We know from his notes that Castel studied the picture at great length sensing a key to his work. As Castel writes: what we see doesn't tell, but what we don't see, tells. The image self-refers in some endless motion.

mc Pherson's death
Reproducion de la escena de la Muerte del General Mc. Pherson por Georges Barnard
The Scene of General Mc. Pherson's Death. Georges Barnard